Download Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) For Android

DMP App for Mobail
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After the police department in uttara, Dhaka metropolitan police ( DMP ) has introduced a android mobile apps. Dhaka Metropolitan police (DMP) commissioner Benazir Ahmed was inaugurated this application. DMP application has made by E-logical IT Expert ( Elite).The Former 5 students of  BUET connected with them. They areworking to increase the use of technology in government works. They made this application so that common people can easily find information and service of people. The police chief and the duty officer mobile numbers and address of Dhaka all police stations can be found in this application. Using this application from any place in Dhaka you can easily find out the nearest police station and also Google maps will show the way to go the police station. this application is not for security issues, it also response to a request to appear human. Blood banks collect blood from DMP and other related information is added to the “blood Button”.Giveassistwomen’s at “Women Button”. Via this application you can send sms your friends number with a single click at emergency moment. Suddenly there are any accident on the street for help “Quick Contact” button which you can easily contact Dhaka Metropolitan Police(DMP).


Download Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) For Android


This application is developed for the citizens of Dhaka, to put the police services at their doorsteps. This is developed under the complete supervision of Dhaka Metropolitan Police(DMP). The major features are:• Searching nearest police station from any location of the city, Dhaka.
• Calling nearest police station’s OC or duty officer just by a finger-tap.
• Locating Police stations on map.
• Getting direction to the police station on emergency.
• Getting details information about various services of DMP.
• Informing police about any incident s/he witnesses.
• Sharing his/her ideas to improve police services.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police – Android App Video Guide

So you can download DMP and enjoy facilities of this software.



Download Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) App For Android


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