Download Easy file locker (Free) Latest version

Download Easy file locker (Free) Latest version
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Easy file Locker is awesome software for lock any file or folder. You can easily lock your important file and folder using this software. It protection type is very strong. Before install you have to give password andwhen you uninstall this software return type what you set password. So other user does not unprotected and see your file. Your lock file is always protecting by Easy file Locker software. So you can download Easy file Locker software and protecting your important file and folder.

Download Easy file locker (Free) Latest version

How to Install Easy file Locker :

At first you selected what is your operating system. If your operating system is 32bit or other operating system you have to use EFL1.3_Setup (x32 bit or other Operating System) .exe file. Other-wise if your operating system is 64bit you have to use EFL1.3_Setup(x64 bit).exe file. Then start your Install process. Install process is very easy. Its install process is simple and straight for word. First you have to double click your .exe file what you choose then click next button → read the license agreement and click agree button→ choose install location with use browse option then click next button → choose start menu folder then click install button→ few second wait and open a new window then click finish button and complete your install process. You may choose to run Easy file Locker .

How to Uninstall Easy file Locker :

Easy file Locker  uninstalls process is same to install process just when you uninstall then give your password what you set and start uninstall process.

You can start uninstall process Start→ All program→ Easy file Locker → Uninstall


You can go Start→ Control panel→ add and remove→ Easy file Locker → and uninstall your Easy file Locker software.

How to use Easy file Locker :

Easy file Locker software use system is very easy and you can lock any file easily by this software. When your install process complete then click Easy file Locker icon and open a new window. It has 4 main options you can change your file lock system by this option. Follow 4 main options of this software:


You can set password by system option other-wise you can do start protection, stop protection and exit Easy file Locker software by system option.


There are Add files, Add folder, Delete, Modify. Toggle status, Move up and Move Down option. You can add any file or folder and delete file use this option.


It has 2 option one Toolbar and two status bar. You can hide and show toolbar and status bar use this option.


You can know about Easy file Locker software using this option. Other-wise you can know other facilities of this software by help option using internet.



Download Easy file locker Full Version


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