Free Download Full Version Of KMPlayer

Free Download Full Version Of KMPlayer

The KMPlayer is a awesome multimedia player for playing any video, audio and image viewing with slide show. The KMPlayer one of the most versatile player that can play many type of format such asVCD, DVD, 3gp, Mp4,Mp3, AVI, MKV, FlV,Ogg Theora, QuickTime, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, Real Media, OGM and Others.  It has a many program and you can easily use this program because there program is very user friendly. The Program also knows the subtitles on DVD discs and may report audio, video or graphics of any a part of the enjoying piece. The participant can work with both interior and external filters and plug-in that allows you to control audio and video files playable Options. KMPlayer includes practically all of the major codec’s for playback of audio and video. Has a gigantic quantity of settings.



Main features of KMPlayer:

  • KMPlayer – Totally customizable participant that offers a vast variety of skins and colour schemes.
  • Built-in codec permits you to do not clog the process of “pointless” entries in the registry.
  • playing nedokachannyh and “damaged” documents.
  • Locked records during down load or vice versa distribution.
  • taking part in audio and video streaming.
  • helps compressed albums (zip, rar).
  • The capacity to play a distinctive section of the fabric (set and finish points).
  • The capacity to make use of plug-ins for Winamp.
  • Support for external filters DScaler.


What’s New of KMPlayer version :

  • KMP join introduced
  • introduced Win-Eyes TTS operate (English, Korean) for the visually impaired
  • introduced BDA (HDTV)
  • Video screen grasp can now have person add their own trademarks
  • FTPopen allopen function delivered
  • Languages Sinhalese, Norwegian presented
  • Buffer overflow safety vulnerability fixed
  • Video speedup noise error malicious application fixed
  • Subtitle editor font error laptop virus regular
  • Subtitle font rendering hindrance consistent
  • Audio visualization error regular
  • Ini hold, config error constant
  • RubyTag subtitle designated persona error consistent
  • Shortcut key blunders constant



Free Download Full Version Of KMPlayer


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