Free Download Skype the Latest version for PC

Free Download Skype the Latest version for PC

Skype is software which is very famous for Video calling and also for noiseless audio calls. It’s a special kind of software by whom we can make videocalls. It’s a very famous VOIP program. The benefits of using Skype are many. Through the Skype we not only make video calls but also we can remained someone’s Birthday, we can transfers our files etc. Even the Skype Service is free to communicate with other Skype users anywhere in the world. You can also give phone calls from here. There is also a service dedicated to money transfers that enables you to top-up someone’s mobile phone by using PayPal.

Skype v7.2.0
Free Download Skype the Latest version for PC


Here in Skype Group calls also possible. You can add 25 people at a time in your Skype for group discussion. Here if you want to share your computer Screen with the person you taking are possible.

What’s the new of Skype version

In this latest version  there are many more options, like You have contacts, conversation, call, view, tools, help option .You have also Off line, on line, busy, away ,invisible, Do not disturb, set up call forwards ; modes here.

In View option you will find your profile. There you update all the details about yourself also you will be able to upload a profile picture here and also manage your account.

You can use Skype by WiFi. In Tools option you find the WiFi mode and from their you can connect your device with WiFi. Skype WiFi lets you connect over 1 million locations around the world.

If you want to know anything more about the Skype then you can ask the Skype community Through the Option called Help. Here you also be able to know about the privacy policy, about Skype and also check for updates.

Skype to Skype calls:

Call any other individual on Skype free of charge, anyplace on the world.

Calls to mobiles and land lines:

Call mobile phone and land-lines phone worldwide at low rates.

Group calls:

Create a group of people together on one call – you can add 25 people a group call.

Skype Number:

Your friends, companions & others call a number and you get on Skype wherever you are on the world.


Other Wise it has many facilities such as Forward calls, Caller ID, One to one video calls, Group video calls, Video messaging, Instant messaging, Send texts (SMS), Voice messages, Send files, Screen sharing, Group screen sharing, Send contacts.


Free Download Skype the Latest version for PC


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