Free Download Latest Version of Xion audio player

Free Download Latest Version of Xion audio player
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Xion Audio Player is a free basic audio player that gives users the freedom to fully customize the way it is an ultra light, easy skin able, high fidelity,deliciously sweet, out of this world audio player.This Audio Player features a new standard in skin support with no need for scripting knowledge. It will directly read a .PSD file and using layer names, instantly bring your skin to life. It also supports direct loading from Zip files which allow you to package several .PSD files in the one package. It is ultra light and only consumes minimal amounts of RAM and CPU. This player supports a wide range of audio formats. It can provide sound of high quality. it includes all the standard features including play list support, audio library, repeat and random play, visualizations and more.

System Requirements of Xion audio player:

  • Operating Systems : Windows xp /Windows 2003/ Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard disk space required: 3 MB
Free Download Latest Version of Xion audio player

Features of Xion audio player:

  • Ultra easy to skin using a powerful skinning system
  • Complete animation support
  • Skins loaded directly from .PSD files
  • Powerful play list support
  • Seamless playback and cross fading support
  • 10 band equalizer with presets
  • Blazingly fast, low cpu and low memory consumption
  • MP3/OGG (Shout cast, Ice cast) internet radio streaming
  • Customizable global hotkeys
  • Play state is remembered across restarts
  • Full system tray functionality
  • Windows Live Messenger Integration
  • Plug-in system for extending capabilities
  • Portable version

Supported file formats:

  • Advanced Audio Coding (.Aac)
  • Dolby Digital AC-3 (.Ac3)
  • CRI ADX (.Adx)
  • CRI AIX(.Aix)
  • Audio Interchange File Format (.Aiff)
  • Monkey’s Audio (.Ape, .Mac)
  • Advanced Streaming format (.Asf)
  • CD Audio (.Cda)
  • Free Lossless Audio Codec (.Flac, .Fla)
  • Impulse Tracker (.It)
  • MIDI music (.Mid, .Midi, .Kar, .Rmi)
  • Protracted / Fast Tracker (.Mod)
  • MP3/OGG compressed MOD music (.Mo3)
  • MPEG I/II Layer 1 (.Mp1)
  • MPEG I/II Layer 2 (.Mp2)
  • MPEG I/II Layer 3 (.Mp3)
  • Advanced Audio Coding MPEG-4 (.Mp4)
  • Apple Lossless Audio Codec (.M4a)
  • Muse pack (.Mpc, .Mp+, .Mpp)
  • OptimFROG (.Ofr, .Ofs)
  • Ogg Vorbis (.Ogg, .Oga)
  • Scream Tracker 3 (.S3m)
  • DirectMusic Files (.Sgt)
  • Speex (.Spx)
  • The True Audio (.Tta)
  • Unreal/Unreal Tournament Music File (.Umx)
  • Microsoft Wave files (.Wav)
  • Windows Media Audio (.Wma)
  • WavPack (.wv)
  • Fast Tracker 2 (.Xm)

Supported playlist formats:

  • M3U Playlist (.M3u)
  • Windows Media Play list (.Wpl)
  • PLS Play list (.Pls)

How to install Xion audio player:

Installing Xion audio media player is very easy process. You have to follow some steps:- After downloading Xion audio player, click the xion-audio-player-v1.5b155.exe file > welcome screen appear, click next > read the license agreement and click next > > Pick the location where you want to install with browse and when you are ready you click Install > now installing…. Once installation is completed, you may choose to run Xion and click finish button.

Now you will enjoy the experience of Xion audio player, you can now listen whatever you want. To use Xion audio player you can feel very comfort and relax.




Free Download Xion audio player



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