DC plus plus File Sharing software and downloading software free download


Welcome to Direct Connect Software. This soft called also DC plus plus software. DC plus plus file sharing software. You can find many file sharing software but DC Plus Plus is a another best file sharing software. This is a windows based software. DC plus plus file sharing software developed by C++ programming language.  DC Plus Plus is  fully congruent and help to  connection to hubs by using the NeoModus Direct Connect (NMDC) protocol.  Initial  purpose of New Generation for file sharing using Advanced Direct Connect (ADC) protocol.

DC Plus Plus
DC plus plus File Sharing software and downloading software free download

structure of the Direct Connect network

Direct Connect (DC) network is a decentralized network. It made by individual servers or hubs  that all users can be  joined  to share his/her files. Everybody  can be  find file and can be download all file  from other users who has connected to the same hub or server. Here hub is using for only find to file when you share or transfer file between clients you have to use in peer-to-peer law.

DC plus plus file sharing software is an open source Direct Connect Network. In DC network have many hub and all act as an instant messaging server. By using mail Chat all clients can be chated with other clients or users in same server or hub. Also all user or client chat as private conversation with a specific client or user.  All servers is an individual administrative. In all hubs, some hubs are made for sharing a specific type of data and every hub doesn’t contain same rules. hub to hub contain different rules.

In DC Plus Plus or Direct Connect network have two types of hub. First one is public hub  it doesn’t require any authentication for connecting and another one private hub it need authentication for connecting. When you transfer or share your file by using DC++ software you can get very well bandwidth and good speed. If you use antivirus or other protection such as fire wall etc then some hubs of DC++ may not work. In that case you just allow it from your security systems which security system you will be used. Now i show all features of DC Plus Plus software below.

  • Personal information
  • Connectivity
  • Manual Configuration
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Proxy
  • Downloads
  • Favorites
  • Queue
  • Sharing
  • Appearance
  • Styles
  • Tabs
  • Windows
  • Notifications
  • History
  • Logs
  • Advanced
  • Experts only
  • User commands
  • Security Certificates
  • Search types
  • User matching


You can download this DC plus plus software totally free. Now Click on download button and download it and enjoy with this latest version file sharing software.


DC plus plus File Sharing software and downloading software free download


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