Download Ccleaner 3.28 Free Full Version

Download Ccleaner Free Full Version

Ccleaner is very important for any computer. It cleans all Dirty files of Computer. Clean windows and application rejected file. Windows files are temporary internet Files, History, cookies, recentlytyped urls, index files, last download location, recent documents, search autocomplete,other explorer mrus, empty recycle bin and temporary files. Application files are internet cache, internet history,

office, internet download manager, multimedia, utilites, windows etc. Ccleaner also clean registry. Registry sector make Fonts, application paths, sound events, mui cache, windows services, help files and application etc. There are many option this software. Such as Cleaner, Registry, Tools, Uninstall, Startup, System restore Drive wiper and other option. All of the benefits are discussed below.

Download Ccleaner 3.28 Free Full Version

How to Clean Dirt files of computer:

When you want to clean the dirt of computer then you open Ccleaner → click Analyze button → Run cleaner button and a little bit of dirt in it will be clear to all of computer.

How to easily uninstall any software by Ccleaner:

We can any time easily to uninstall any software by Ccleaner. Open Ccleaner →Tools → select a program from the list→ Run uninstaller.

How to Fast your Pc Using Ccleaner:

When we computer start some program are run automatically and slow our pc. If you want fast our pc at that moment open Ccleaner and go to tools option and select startup option and disable running software and use fast computer. As a result of pc on and off quickly.

Other opportunities are:

You can change any time your operating system and fresh your pc by system restore. Ccleaner is the best software for system restore. It has drive wiper option. It wipes any drive and helps you work faster. When we wipe any drive at that moment we open Ccleaner and go to tools option than go to drive wipe and select wipe,security and select driver of all driver and click wipe button of Ccleaner. Other-wise you go to options and you get other facility. Such as settings, cookies, Include, Exclude, Advanced. If you want to other Opportunity this software go to about options and know other facility.

How to Download:

When you Click Download button than open a new Tab. Wait 5 second and click   Skip add button to open download page.

Skip add

Download Ccleaner 3.28  Free Full Version


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