Deep Freeze v 7.21 with serial key Download

Download Deep Freeze v 7.21 with serial key
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Deep freeze can protect your computer to do so it disables all change made to the operating system at the next startup. Sometimes it is necessary to install on a computer program that may be dangerous for the system because they may contain viruses. Deep freeze is a program will allow you to freeze the system of your computer. It provides bulletproof protection.

Features of deep freeze :

(1) Enable infinite change to your pc configuration without worries.

(2) Easy to install and active

(3) Provides complete security. After installing this software on your computer your computer becomes bulletproof.

(4) Any accident or any malicious change can’t affect in your computer.

(5) It includes flexible options for saving data which allows the users to save their work with ease.  

System requirement of deep freeze:

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Ram: 128 MB

Download Deep Freeze v 7.21 with serial key

How to install deep freeze:

 1st open the folder containing deep freeze setup file→ Select dfstd.exe file→

A window will be displayed than click + next to pressed→ Select I accept the terms to agree with these terms + Click next to process→ Select Use Evaluation Click + next to process→ Select Drives for freeze + Than again click next → Last one click install to start installation

 If your computer will be reboot automatically, there for don’t be too surprised when your computer automatically shutdown.


How to uninstall deep freeze:

 After successfully installing deep freeze on the computer, you may find it hard to use or you may face any kind o problem than you want remove it, let’s follow the simple easy steps.

 1st you should disable the deep freeze for uninstalling it.

To disable deep freeze:

Hold down the shift key and double click the deep freeze icon. Alternately you can press ctrl+ alt+ shift+ f6


Enter your password and click ok

Than displayed the boot option dialog box.


Select boot thawed and click ok this will disable deep freeze on the next restart. Now reboot your computer after the computer reboots you are ready to uninstalling deep freeze.


1st you should open the folder containing deep freeze setup file. If you don’ find the file, don’t worry go to the search box and search the setup file which is named as Dfstd.exe

 2nd a new dialog box will open.

 Click next to continue

 Click uninstalls to remove this software from your computer.

After the removal will finished the computer will reboot automatically. After the computer is rebooted, deep freeze has been absolutely removed.


When you download  USER GUIDE you will know how to use, Install, Uninstall, Register and Other facility with picture short of deep Freeze Software.


Deep Freeze v 7.21 with serial key Download


Deep Freeze v 7.21 with serial key Download


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