Download Picasa 3 Free Full Version Software

Download Picasa 3 Free Full Version Software
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Picasa 3 is very important software using for image viewing and editing. You can easily see any picture one by one or slide show with the help of Picasa software.You can also edit some basic fundamental of photos and effect, creating album, share, online upload, invite friends and others opportunities you can get with this software. You can enjoy photos with zoom in, zoom out,rotate, facilities with this software.

How to install Picasa software?

Like others software it is very easy to install and uninstall it in your computer. You can complete this process to follow some instruction.

 1. Go the source file of Picasa where it storage in your computer → Click the Picasa 3 setup.exe file →Install dialog box is appear.

 2. Choose the location where you install the software “Click browser” →clicking ‘next’ the software is installing. When 100% complete the click finish button.


Download Picasa 3 Free Full Version Software

How to uninstall Picasa?

You can uninstall Picasa from the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel or by using the Uninstall option within the Picasa 3 Program group. Click “Start” > “Programs” > “Picasa 3″ > “Uninstall”.

During the uninstall process, you will be notified to remove the Picasa database as You’ll. Select “Yes” if you want to delete any organization or edits you’ve made in Picasa. Click “No” if you want to retain any edits you’ve made.

After you uninstall, there may be residual files or folders from the Picasa installation. You can remove the Picasa folder by doing the following:

1. Open “My Computer” → C: drive → ‘Program Files.’ → ‘Google.’
2. Right-click the Picasa 3 folder.
3. Click “Delete.”
4. Click “Yes.”

Picasa 3 will now be completely removed from your computer.


The facilities of this software:

After installing the software. Now you can free to use this software, You can open this software by open with or default change. Open Picasa You can see some tools for use. Like zoom in, zoom out, rotate, edit in Picasa, option. Inside the edit in Picasa panel you see some parameters. You can also know pic information like which camera is used, which type of lenses used, how much camera aperture have etc in view panel properties parameter. You can get more existing tools, and they are commonly needed fixes where you can measure pic crop, straighten, auto contrast, retouch, auto color, text effect and many other things. In finally -tuned lighting and color fixes you can measure fill light, highlights, shadows and color temperature. In fun and useful image processing parameter you can give effect the image sharpen, sepia, black and white, tint and many other things. You also get more fun and image processing and even more fun and image processing parameters. In this software you get import, export, timeline, slide-show, make a poster, picture college, movie, publish, share, print, email and many more crazy things to do. If you want to create advanced level work, you can connect internet and go help option of this software for help.

How to Download:

When you Click Download button than open a new Tab. Wait 5 second and click   Skip add button to open download page.

Skip add

Download Picasa 3 Free Full Version Software


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