Estimating time to create a tutorial video using Captivate or Camtasia


I extracted from a short (10 sec) video using Camtasia (v9) download from Online Soft Zone. After some simple image editing, I now want to recombine the images to create a modified video. However, I cannot determine how to do that in Camtasia or if it is even possible. I need to hand my laptop over to someone to install some software on my computer. During this time I need to make sure this person isn’t looking at things on my computer he shouldn’t be looking at.

More specifically, I create a PowerPoint presentation that explains a specific subject. Then, after making a few slides, I like to allow the User to exit out to 3D software, where the User view a 3D graphic display of what they just learned about it, and once it finish viewing the 3D simulation, it return to the Camtasia PowerPoint presentations.
I’ve seen a couple of emails which contain a short (<5 seconds) repeating video clip. The video clip plays right in the email without the need to open an attachment or launch an app. I’m curious to know what type of file that is and how to create it. I’ve got a video editing app called Camtasia so I assume I can create it there but I don’t know what type of file it is.

Estimating time to create a tutorial video using Captivate or Camtasia

My users want to install on the laptops that have Internet access to video record
screens.  Need to assess what are the risks if:
a) the laptops have Internet access as well
b) the videos captured contain sensitive financial information

Making a training material and the Process owner is in other location…He will run the presentation and voice it but I have to edit it with modifications. I would like to do without paying $300 for Camtasia, is to take an already existing audio such as what you see in the link above or in the attached file, and both separate the existing audio from it, as well as overlay new audio on top of it.

I’ve used Camtasia 8 for lots of tutorials over a couple of years and I love it. There are a few issues here and there, but I thought Camtasia 9 would be a big improvement, especially since this is a paid upgrade (and a serious one at that). Here’s my 2 cents in case anyone is interested. Before I get into my list here’s what I do with Camtasia:
– Photoshop tutorials, recorded at 1920×1080
– I require a lot of splitting to sync my audio with my video
– I frequently speed up bits of my work
– using i7 4790 @ 3.6 GHz, 8 Gb RAM, 1 Tb SSD 850 PRO, GTX 780 (great system)

The problems with Camtasia 9:
– Generating Key Stroke callouts is now much harder

 I have to go to a menu to add it. I can’t add a hotkey for that action. Why? It doesn’t make sense. At least give me the option of creating a hotkey for it. This is important because I regularly split my videos and I generate hotkeys for each 20-30 second bits
– when I manually add a hotkey from the callouts section, they don’t have the same styling as the ones that are generated

I looked for its settings and I get EVERYTHING except its styling. In one place I’m getting black hotkeys, in another I get white ones. Please don’t think I don’t know how to select from 1 of the 4 hotkey styles, that’s not the case.
– speeding up vids is much harder

Before the upgrade I could input 200% and be done with it. Now I have to click on the bottom of the video and drag somewhere. This makes it less precise. As I constantly do this, it’s annoying.
– I haven’t seen 60fps option;
– I haven’t seen an increase in speed in production time

Overall, everything I have to do on a regular basis requires more clicks. When you edit as much content as I do, every extra click counts. For now I’ve uninstalled the program and I’m back with really disappointed.


I have recorded me reading two of my fictional books using Camtasia to upload as an audio book. Now that I am done, the site I am uploading to is complaining that my recordings are bad.I wrote to Camtasia, supposedly the best recording software out there, and their reply was:

“Im afraid Camtasia does not measure audio via db so we have no way to know whether we’re hitting that level or not. You would need to use some sort of 3rd party tool to accomplish that task.”

Of course, they are NOT hitting that level, or I wouldn’t be getting that complaint. So is there a way to salvage these files without having to re-record everything I’ve spent weeks on? Even if I use a 3rd party tool? Can something fix them? Also, what would be a good audio-recording software for my future books? Is there a way to fix them within Camtasia. their support staff doesn’t even try to offer a solution.

I notice that by default Camtasia records the full screen containing the task bar at the bottom.  How can I change this so that Camtasia records one of my other screens in their entirety.

m trying to run videos (with voice commentary) created in Techsmith Camtasia Studio into an interactive CBT created using Adobe Captivate.
I imported an MP4 into the CBT (it was converted during import – into an AVI file?). When I previewed it, it ran but the sound quality was awful; when I published it, the video wouldn’t run at all.


Estimating time to create a tutorial video using Captivate or Camtasia

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