Online Free Download GiliSoft Video Editor 7.0.2 with Key

Free Online Download GiliSoft Video Editor 7.0.2 with Key
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GiliSoft video editor is a most popular video editing program. Also known as professional video editing software. This editor software be allow all type of video file such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV, DAT, H.264, QT, MOV, VOB, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, etc. and you can make all type of video file. Also GiliSoft video editor program is used for cutting, joining and splitting. It is best and very easy video editing software. Here, There are three main advantage:

1) You can be cut undesirable portion of your video,

2) You can be easily split different portion of your video file,

3) You can be adjust or join many video into one.

Also you can be give effect, subtitle, watermark, add music (example mp3, mp4, audio etc.), rotating in your made video file.  And you can be see original and edited video into different window.

How can do setup This software? Here I mentioned the setup process of this software find below:

  1. At first open this software
  2. Click yes button
  3. Click I accept the agreement (radio button)
  4. Select location from browser
  5. Then Click Next button
  6. Again Click Next button
  7. Again Click Next button
  8. Then Click Install button
  9. When installation is complete then click Finish button.

Now, your software is ready for working process. When you open the GiliSoft video editor icon you will face the primary interface. Here I’m showing some primary interface of GiliSoft video editors 7.0.2

After open icon you face below interface

GiliSoft 1

In GiliSoft video editing software there are 11 features such as:

  • Cropper
  • Effect
  • Subtitle
  • Watermark
  • Joiner
  • Easy Cutter
  • Batch cutter
  • Advanced Cutter
  • Rotation
  • Add Music
  • Splitter

Select any feature do you want and browse your file do you edit.

GiliSoft 2


If you want to crop then you will  face below interface

GiliSoft 3

If you add text or watermark then you will face below interface

GiliSoft 4


If you want to joiner multiple video file and add audio music then you will face below interface

GiliSoft 5


When you will give your demand then click Start button then your demand video will be make. Have a good time with GiliSoft video editor 7.0.2.

How to cut any Video using GiliSoft video editor 7.0.2.

Free Online Download GiliSoft Video Editor 7.0.2 with Key



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